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Zev Landes is a creative and communications expert with a passion for helping organisations and institutions communicate their messages to their audience in a playful and impactful ways.


Zev has a diverse background spanning across education, tourism, entrepreneurship and creativity. He began his career as an educator, teaching at many levels from kinder to lecturing at universities. He is a qualified teacher (Monash University) Tour guide (William Angliss Institute) and has also completed training in informal education and youth leadership.

Zev also owns and runs a number of small businesses including Landes Fashion retail outlet in Melbourne, Australia and Salty Swamis, a tourism and hospitality businesses in Sri Lanka. This experience has taught him the practicalities of managing teams, marketing, budgets, suppliers and production. 

Additionally, Zev is a self-taught artist who has creative skills in illustration, animation, design, and video production.

Zev has many years of experience consulting and creating for organisations around the world. From a sustainable wooden fin brand in Israel, to a conservation communication organization he co-founded in Sri Lanka, Zev has demonstrated his ability to take complex messages and ideas and create accessible communication resources. Zev believes that innovative communication is the key to facilitating effective behaviour change within a community and culture.

With his experience in the worlds of tourism, buisness management, communication, and education, coupled with his keen creative eye and design abilities, Zev is uniquely equipped to help organisations create effective and impactful communication resources.

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